Experience trophy bass fishing at Buxton Ranch with the opportunity to catch a TX state top 50 fish. The 15 acre lake at Buxton Ranch has produced and holds bass in excess of 27 inches long, and 13+ pounds, we are confident that the lake holds a TX private water state record, which could be caught by you! Our fish genetics are based on Native Texas Bass, Florida, and Tiger Bass. Our fish are big, aggressive, and plentiful – offering our guests an opportunity for consistent action throughout the trip.

At the end of a long of day fishing on your private lake, kick back in our comfortable lodge, with private chef, full bar/lounge entertainment area, pool, and outdoor fireplace - offering a relaxing and entertaining environment, with amazing views year round all within a short walk of your lake access.

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Our standard trip is designed for a minimum of 5 guests (maximum 10 guests) – 3 days 2 nights - $5,000 for group of five, with additional fishermen for $1000 each. Additional night and day of fishing available at $500 per person. For more information and to reserve your time slot for 2012 or 2013, please contact us or call Justin at (361) 492-0990 Brandon (817) 975-6653.